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Digital Committee

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As boards face increasing threats from digital obsolescence to cybersecurity, the need for a board committee to focus on these threats and opportunities has never been more great. We work with your board to define the role of digital on the board and the type of oversight required. We interview your senior executives to build a solid baseline and methodology for consistently reporting to the board:

  • The CMO, on marketing and how the consumer is connecting to the company in the digital world
  • The CIO or CTO, to ensure that the cybersecurity plan is in place, tested, and continually improving
  • The CLO, on how privacy, intellectual property, and Internet policy are being considered
  • The CEO, providing insights into the future strategy of the company and on signals of change that are coming
  • The CDO, to report directly on how the company is building a holistic approach to digital

Over this one year program, we help you define the role of the company, set expectations for senior executives and prepare for using the information on an ongoing basis.

Digital Mapping

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Much like financials are audited, digital should be audited to ensure your company leaders are working together and there are checks and balances in place. Think about the financial crisis that led to the need to separate accounting and audit functions and the importance of having checks and balances to ensure that one viewpoint does not dominate and expose the company to risk.  The same philosophy should apply in the digital arena.

Using our proprietary Digital Mapping® Tool, we work with your senior executives to understand how all facets of digital are managed and visually map it across the organization, as well as benchmark it against key competitors.  This mapping exercise becomes a baseline to make important decisions about management, oversight and strategy to ensure you don’t miss important opportunities or threats to your future.  We do this with the board in mind to help you be prepared to ask the right questions and provide oversight to the company.

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