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When is it time for the CEO to stop Tweeting?

Twitter has become an essential communication platform for politicians, celebrities and individuals to get their own message out.  For some, it’s liberating and a place to have a voice where they otherwise may not have one.  But for CEOs, C-suite Executives and Directors, it’s a landmine to navigate correctly.  Unfortunately, the nature of Twitter means…

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How Big Business Actually Created the Patent Troll

Patent Trolls Emerged Because of Market Opportunity rather than Market Demand HOW TO HARNESS DIGITAL ASSETS FOR THE FUTURE Today, many U.S. businesses are in crisis to respond to an emerging threat: Non Practicing Entities. While innovation stalwarts like IBM, Microsoft, Google and Apple remain ahead of the innovation curve, far too many other companies…

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What Can Boards Learn from the Equifax Security Breach?

As the story and forensics behind the Equifax breach continues to unfold, directors can dissect what went wrong, who knew and what could have been done about it. What questions should you be asking at your next board meeting? At the top of the list, “are we a target?” The truth is some companies are…

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Will the Sharing Economy Change the Way We Work?

I recently overheard two flight attendants talking about how they became Uber drivers to earn extra cash on their way home from the airport.  They were giddy with excitement of earning hundreds of extra dollars a month simply for picking up a ride on the way home from work.   A drive they would have done…

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